Fist Pumping Fever at Tequila Jacks

people dancing in a club, not Tequila Jacks

people dancing in a club, not Tequila Jacks

Tequila Jacks is known as the “#1 party destination in Toronto.” Tequila Jacks is a small club with a bar feel located in the midst of Toronto’s Theater District. Its interior is modern with a touch of Indie. It has big screens, sprawling bars and light shows to add to your clubbing experience.

The bartenders are friendly and warm, and the drinks are delectable. You don’t have to spend a ton of time prepping to go to Tequila Jacks; it is casual dress. The crowd is usually energetic and can’t help but rub their party mood off on you. The best part is probably that it’s cheap – admission is $10, and ladies are free before 12a.m. on Fridays.

Tequila Jacks is open Thursday – Saturday from 10p.m.- 3a.m. On Thursdays, a.k.a. Make Mistake Thursdays, partygoers pay no cover when they show student I.D. Tequila shots are never more than $4 at the venue, and VIP guestlist is available until 11:30p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Despite being casual dress, things like jerseys, track pants and running shoes are not permitted.

The tiny club plays top 40, rock, house and hip hop music. It is 19+, and the crowd is comprised of mostly university and college students. The club is an easygoing, party environment, where you can truly relax and enjoy yourself. Tequila Jacks can be rented for corporate events or private parties.

Tequila Jacks is located at:

184 Pearl St.
Toronto, ON M5H 1L5

For more information, call (416) 389-5104 or visit

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Date Dough


a bouquet of roses

You pick someone up for a romantic evening. They know no details of the night, only that they are going to be surprised. You have it all planned out – gourmet food, rose petals, everything. Then, you look at your wallet. This makes you very disappointed – to the point where you can’t even enjoy the evening. It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can have a truly intimate affair if you are frugal about it. You don’t have to skimp on the romance. You can get discount everything; the real mission is to get the details right. You don’t want your honey to feel like they are second-rate if you skimp on the surprise dates. You don’t have to spend a ton to do so either.

It’s much better to splurge on a romantic evening every once in a while than to go on many cheap, mediocre dates. This gets your honey excited for a big date rather than being desensitized to or sick of them. You also don’t have to worry about looking like a cheapskate to your honey. Another good idea is to give your partner a lot of small surprises here and there, like a trio of chocolates or a rose.

Spending a ton of money on a date every few years is also a no-no. Even though you have fun in the moment, you could look absolutely unromantic to your honey afterwards. They may be craving romance, and the fact that you don’t give it to them could leave them feeling completely unsatisfied and bored.

This is also much better than not surprising your significant other. They may think you’re not romantic at all or that you don’t care about them. I find that most partners these days plan thoughtful surprises. If you want to keep your honey entertained and 100% pleased, you should plan a dreamy surprise every once in a while.

Here are some examples:

  • A night out in a nearby city, with rose petals all over floor and bed
  • Candles in the bedroom
  • Taking your partner on a date they know nothing about, such as a dinner date followed by mini-golfing
  • Taking your partner on a long date they do know about such as drinks, gambling and a movie
  • A picnic in a park in good weather

Romantic evenings should be fun. They shouldn’t have you worrying about your pocket book. They shouldn’t include tacky items, either. Surprise evenings can be executed frugally if you choose to pay average prices over extremely high or ultra low ones. You also don’t have to surprise your partner everyday. Every once in a while help keeps the spark in the relationship, though. Never forget that surprises are supposed to fun, not stressful.

For more dating advice, email Stephanie at

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Icy Escapades

winter date ideas photoSnowflakes, presents, hot chocolate – there’s something about winter. Now, the only question is what to do in winter. The routine, like baking and snuggling, may be dull. Many may even wonder what they can afford, after their holiday shopping. Let’s not forget the tons of free time that comes with the holidays.

The good news is the city of Toronto has many events for couples to enjoy. A bonus is most of these events are cheap, if not free. They are usually fun and suitable for any age group. Just some of these events include:

  • November 10, 2013 – An Afternoon with Lemony Snicket – Meet the world-famous author and get him to sign a book, a napkin or whatever you have handy! The author will begin his presentation at 2:00p.m. This seminar will be held at the Revue Cinema. The address is 400 Roncesvalles Avenue, near Bloor St. W. and Dundas St. W. For more information, call (416) 531-9959.
  • November 14-17, 2013 – Gourmet Food and Wine Expo- The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo is held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and allows patrons to sample a wide selection of alcohol and gourmet cuisine. It is $20 on the Friday and Sunday and $25 on the Saturday. Sample tickets cost extra, and you can get them online. For more details, visit the website.
  • November 16, 2013 – 6:00-8:00p.m.- Illuminite – Illuminite is a holiday celebration taking place in the Downtown Yonge BIA Neighbourhood. It involves a combination of technological and artistic performances. Many international as well as local bands will be performing. The ceremony ends with the lighting of the 52, 0000 LED tree. This event is absolutely free.
  • November 28 – December 8, 2013 – One of a Kind Christmas Show – Many vendors gather at the One of a Kind Christmas Show to sell trinkets and items that can be turned into gifts. All products are made in North America and tend to be unique. The show takes place at the Direct Energy Centre in the Exhibition Place. Tickets are $12 for adults online and $14 for adults in person. For more information, like prices for seniors and children, visit the website.
  • December 14, 2013 – Saturday Night Dancing – There will be a dance as a well as a Christmas dinner on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at a branch of the Royal Canadian legion. The address is 110 Jutland Road, Toronto ON, M8Z 2H1. The dance will be taking place from 7:00p.m.-12:00a.m. The dance is $25 for members and $50 for non-members. Don’t hesitate to come and dance! Singles may even meet new dating prospects! For more information, call (416) 267-6621.

Winter doesn’t have to be boring. Cold weather may hinder you from outdoor activities and shovelling snow may take up your time, but there are plenty of things to do to keep you entertained. Toronto has many events coming up this winter that hold a lot of promise. You don’t even have to spend that much. Clear your schedule and bring a date with you. You will most likely have a good time.

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Being Vocal

being vocalOftentimes, we opt to leave a troubling situation rather than stay around to make it better. While this may leave us feeling refreshed at first, we are often disappointed at what we leave behind. Relationships are no exception to this rule. Though one may feel free initially, the lingering feelings for a recent ex may be haunting. People could simply prevent their broken hearts by having discussions with their partners instead.

These talks don’t have to be confrontational or unpleasant. The person on the other end will most likely be flattered you chose to have this conversation with her rather than choosing to end things. It shows you’re still passionate about your partner and would do anything just to keep her around.

Just some problems many couples face are: lack of romance or chivalry, partaking in too many routine activities, lack of sex, lack of quality time spent together and lack of space. It’s easy to see how each of these problems can deteriorate a relationship. That’s why it’s best to talk about a problem with one’s other half so the relationship doesn’t reach that state. Of course, one should not state the problem right away. It is best to ease into the matter. Some good starters are:

  • “Honey, I really love the time we spend together, but I think we could work on…”
  • “I feel really strongly about you. Don’t get the wrong idea, but I think we need to..”
  • “I have something to tell you, and it’s not bad. I promise.”

Having this kind of talk may not only save your relationship but also let your partner know you care. Your partner may be too shy to bring up a certain issue. If you don’t, she may think you don’t want to fix the problem. For instance, you and your partner may never go on any dates that involve leaving the house, because she’s too shy to suggest it. If you never bring up the problem, your partner may think you’re not romantic at all.

Discussing issues with your partner may also prevent your relationship from heading to a bad place. If you completely avoid this type of conversation, you and your significant other may bottle up anger. The problem won’t go away either. This means you will probably bicker quite often. It could also mean neither of you are happy in the relationship.

One bonus of talking through problems with your partner is it prevents your partner from breaking up with you. You may think you and your partner will never break up, but you may just be taking your partner for granted. When not discussed, problems grow. If you don’t end a relationship due to an issue, your partner might. That’s why it’s best to address a certain issue right away rather than letting it persist.

Relationships shouldn’t be boring. If yours is, you need to look at what is missing – or in surplus – and fix it. Of course, fixing a problem in a relationship often depends on having a conversation with your partner. Never hesitate to discuss a concern with your partner. It will only improve your relationship. You could be left feeling happier than ever.

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The Date Debate: Open vs. Subtle

the date debateFrom time to time, people ask themselves: “Who is more pleasant to date – open or subtle people?” One is more reserved in terms of affection, while the other’s approach seems more barbarian. One involves less time, while the other seems more natural. While both methods can lead to finding someone with whom someone shares a great connection, one clearly involves less headaches.

I am of the opinion that open guys are more pleasant to date. They are more inclined to show affection. Because of their doting nature, they come off as less cold. You don’t have to ponder whether or not they like you. They show you signs, like commenting on how good you look, texting you first or even telling you they like you. Their games are definitely more bearable because of their demonstrative nature.

Subtle guys tend to not show you they like you right away. If so, their hints are hard to read and may come off as friendly. When they play games, they play them hard. They may even start from the outset. While open guys do this at times, they do this far less often and are much less discreet about it. Subtle guys tend to give off this negative aura, because they are far less forward.

With open guys, getting the relationship status takes much less time. You’re going on dates regularly, so the big question – “Will you go out with me?”- comes much sooner than with a subtle guy. Subtle guys tend to be subtle because of the setting where you meet them, thus they can’t ask you the big question in the given atmosphere. They need the right moment, right place and right amount of romance to beg to be yours. Your interactions also take much less time than they would if you were going on steady dates, thus they prolong the time it takes to become official.

Open guys are much more fun to get to know. You get to go on dates, so you get to spend more time outside of your room. As a result, you tend to be a much happier person. You can spend time gushing over a pick-up line that really made you blush or a moment you shared. A subtle guy may have you sitting in your room, analyzing his texts. I can’t see many people having time for that, most having school, work and chores as priorities.

Dating should be fun. You can spend your days with an unpleasant, harsh guy or you can spend them with a guy who’s refreshing and fun. Open guys tend to make you feel like a goddess. Why get with a subtle guy when they are so much work and take so much time? You can have an overall better experience with an open guy. Open guys make me love dating, while subtle guys tend to have the opposite effect. Keep in mind that’s just one girl’s perspective.

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blog pic

Who am I? I’m known as the S-Master!! Sounds dorky…I know. It started off as my name on a gaming console and then, well…just kind of stuck.  But more importantly than my name is who I really am…

I’m the girl that has loved and lost, dated the jerks, and gave up on the winners.  I’m the girl that has been greeted with friendly smiles and stabbed in the back as I turned around.  I’m the girl who has been ridiculed and praised for my style, ridiculed and praised for my personality, ridiculed and praised for being me.  Basically, I’m the average girl….just that.

Join me on my written journey through love, life, and relationships, where you will hear my opinions and/or personal experiences on all these topics.  Am I an expert? Hell no.  But I’ve been there before, seen most of it, and (most importantly) I survived!  Next year I will even be taking the plunge down the aisle….yes, that’s right, the token single girl can change her stars!

Along with my journey through life, fabulous pit-stops in Toronto and the GTA will be discovered and shared.  You see, true love and friendship is a hard thing to find, so when you find it, celebrate it! And if you’re still looking, celebrate that as well!  Toronto is a city filled with fun, entertaining places to go and things to do.  Explore it, use it, and love every bit of it.  We only have this one life to live, and although this life may seem cold and dark at times, don’t let those moments bring you down.  Those are the times where your city and the right people can breathe life back into your lungs and brighten those moments back up!



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Parental Advisory

ID-10034765It’s mind-boggling how some couples can show up at family get-togethers without having a ring on it. Much worse is when teenagers show up to weddings with their short-time significant others. Perhaps it is has something to do with my unconventionality or the fizzling nature of the romances. Either way, I find it odd.

One would assume that one bringing a partner to a family function would signal the relationship being quite serious. Most of the time, it is teenagers, though. If it is not teenagers, it is the same people bringing a new partner each time. I imagine this has to be quite serious for the partner. They are being introduced to a family they don’t even know. They probably think the relationship is headed somewhere. If not, they think their partner is coming on too strong.

It must be horrifying for one’s other half to be brought to a family get-together without any previous mention of the relationship getting serious. They must either be turned off by the boredom of being surrounded by adults with whom they have nothing to share or feel the relationship is moving too fast. Personally, I feel relationships should be fun and don’t see adults twice my age having any part in that.

From past relationships, I learned relationships are only as fun as the activities in them. Restaurants, concerts, bars, sports games, clubbing – you need to do exciting things in a relationship or you are going to be bored being surrounded by the same person all the time. Meeting the family, especially when the relationship has not reached that point yet, may make the relationship stale too soon. I suggest not meeting one’s parents until you have gotten engaged or if you and your partner have talked about marriage. If you have been dating someone for years, that is an exception.

When you think about it, long-term couples showing up to family events is actually quite a delight. The significant other tends to blend in to the family. They are taken seriously, because they did not rush into meeting the family. They have also developed a rapport with their partner’s family, because they have known them for so long. People, especially teenagers, who bring every boyfriend or girlfriend of theirs to a family party tend to be less respected. They bring new people into the family’s territory frequently, having no respect for their family’s feelings should they and their partner split. This may also signal they sleep around a lot. In the rare case your partner is pro-commitment, you could give them false hope that your relationship is taking a step forward.

Bringing someone to a family get-together is actually quite serious. You don’t want your partner to think you’re boring, and you don’t want to turn them off. You also don’t want to introduce many people to your family, who may not be your partner for long. This does not only give a partner a false impression, it could also hurt family members who grow fond of your partner. Think before you bring a date to a reception.

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barVolo: Beer, Bread and Bonding

a couple conversing on a patio, not at barVolo

barVolo is a small cheese, beer and wine bar located in Downtown Toronto. The family run bar, which has been open since 1985, is said to specialize in all things Ontario. Food is ordered at the bar, meaning you don’t have to worry about servers pestering you. barVolo not only imports and brews beer but also runs a beer festival called “Cask Days.” Cask Days has been taking place every October since 2005. barVolo does not accept reservations.

I was immediately impressed by the teeny bar upon entering. I must admit the bar had quite some potential in the appearance department. The décor was pleasing, though the place was too small to appreciate its beauty. The atmosphere, which seemed to emanate from the Victorian interior, gave it a traditional bar feel. This is contrasted with a restaurant sensation, which is common among many modern bars. The outside patio was adequate but cheap-looking, with limited seating, again in a minute, enclosed space. The tables tend to seat two. One could spread their party out on the benches, which are similar to restaurant booths, but the crowd would be sitting in groups of two.

My friend had the pulled pork sandwich, while I had the steak and cheese. We both ordered fries on the side. Although tasty, both were served in small portions and looked like burgers. I can’t complain about the Chardonnay, though. The sweet citrus hints hit my tongue like a ray of sunshine on a fall day.

Prices were good, coming out to about $25 per person. The perk about a small venue is it’s easier to converse between patrons. There is a wide selection of alcohol to drink after or with your meal. barVolo is walking distance from the Eaton Centre. The bar is open until 2:00a.m. every night, so you can visit the bar after city crawling. The only disadvantage of this is food is not served past 12:00a.m.

Despite the positive Google reviews, I found barVolo to be mediocre. The size of the portions were disappointing, and the space was small and congested. If the venue had been larger, it would have been more appealing to the eye. I had a good time, however. I give barVolo a 5/10.

barVolo is located at:
587 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z4

For more information, visit For information about Cask Days, visit

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Phone Repair

There’s that one question that stirs up controversy at dinner tables: Can you be friends with an ex? You may think talking to them will stir up old feelings for them, that they don’t want to be your friend or that it’s extremely awkward. You may pass them around town, wondering if they want to reach out to you as much as you do. Put your worries aside. It’s 100% possible to be friends with an ex.

Being friends with an ex is no different than being friends with someone of the opposite sex. As long as you can forget your past, you can be great friends. Of course, you may need to get over the breakup before you can be friends with them again, but it should be an easy task from that point forward. “Why wouldn’t you be able to be friends with them?” is the real question. It may be hard to make the transition from partner to buddy. Here’s how:

Take your time. If you feel interacting with your ex will interfere with you getting over the breakup, distance yourself from them until you’re totally and completely over it. Then, wait 2 weeks. If you hang out with them right away, feelings of heartbreak might reappear. You should let your ex know you won’t be ready to talk to them for a while. Otherwise, they might get offended and not talk to you anymore. Since you just broke up, they might think you’re one of those stereotypical people who doesn’t talk to their exes.

Relax. Normally, attractive people have to deal with their friends hitting on them all the time. Usually, they just ignore it, not wanting to give the other person the wrong impression. If your ex is interested in you and you are not, you can always ignore their flirtation. Just enjoy the moment.

Be yourself. The situation will only be awkward if you make it awkward. Don’t be nervous. Just go into the hangout knowing the person would not be hanging out with you if they didn’t want to be friends with you. Just act the way you would with your other friends and things will be just fine.

Watch what you do. You need to make sure you don’t do tiny little things that would insinuate you want to get back together. For instance, say “oh” instead of “aww,” don’t play with your hair and don’t say you’re cold. It may seem out of the norm at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Being friends with an ex is quite simple. All it takes is maturity. Most people say you can’t be friends with an ex, but they’re insecure and jealous. Throw the idea that your ex doesn’t want to be friends with you out the window, and call them! They will most likely accept your offer. Remember: maturity will take you far. Don’t let what other people say about exes prevent you from being friends with yours.

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A Femme Fairytale

a woman having fun

Most of the time, men have control over women in relationships. Of course, shyness is often the reason for this, which is understandable. However, this doesn’t make it right. Once friends find out about a girl’s boyfriend imposing power over her, they tend to support it and be in on it, as well. Often times, they act just as nonchalant as the boyfriend. They tend not to hang out with their friend as much, ignore some of her texts and insult her. This may make their friend depressed. While their actions can be rationalized, staying indoors all the time can cause depression.

So how can women take control in relationships?

Approach. If you’re a girl and you want to have the power in a relationship, you need to start from the beginning. If you’re already dating someone, chances are he’s already exerting his power over you. This means if you attempt to gain control, you’ll both be fighting for power. This could cause bickering, which could lead to a breakup.

Make sure you’re in front of the person. As a woman, you need to be in front of the person to exert your influence. If you meet a guy online, he’s usually already planned his strategy with you. He will most likely run once he figures out you’re the ringleader. There’s no way to read body language or tone online either. When you meet someone in person, say at a club or library, there are certain clues you can drop that would make them subject to you. For instance, you could laugh when they do one thing that seems offbeat, sniff in disgust at his behind or gently criticize him. Don’t be too harsh, though. You don’t want the experience to be unpleasant or awkward. When you introduce yourself to someone in person, it’s harder for them to leave. They could leave as soon as you hint you’re in charge, but that would be awkward. It may also make him look like a jerk in front of his friends. If a guy really likes you, most of the time he won’t walk away.

Be more insulting. You may not want to come off as cold, but you need to be the meaner one of the two. Remember: in order for you to have control, you need to do something about it. In today’s world, this means being mean. If your crush makes fun of you, you need to be the bigger bully. Don’t be afraid of hurting his feelings, unless you’re too cruel. You’d be surprised how many people are positive these days.

Have a surprise planned. When someone has the power in a relationship, it’s usually because they have a surprise for their honey. The surprise is often commitment, with romantic surprises in between. Cards, poems, chocolate, gifts – they all contribute to the power in relationships. Of course it takes a long time to reach each level of commitment, which is why one person often has the power. Girls, never cross proposing off the agenda. I’ve seen women do it on TV, and it was rather charming. It’s about time we fight for our rights, beginning with relationships.

Now you have a general idea of how to gain control in a relationship, as a woman. Just remember not to be too harsh. While it would be nice to have the power for once, we eventually want to live in a world where surprises don’t require malice on all fronts. We often know how someone is going to respond to a grand gesture. There is no need to make him or her suffer.

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