Have a Happy Heart This Valentine’s Day


This is the sound of your heart sinking when you realize Valentine’s Day is near. Rather than brooding over your single status this Valentine’s Day, make it your favourite day of the year. You don’t have to be alone this V-day just because you’re single. It may be time to approach a special person – or maybe just an interesting one.

So you’re shy. So what? Most people are. But shyness won’t get you anywhere. If you want to stop crying over who you don’t have, you must cross your comfort territory. And if doing so makes this person someone you could have, it’s worth a little fear, right?

You may find the following tips useful when making your interest known to a certain person:

Ensure the timing is appropriate. If you like someone and want to make it known, make sure it is not too soon. If you hardly know the person, there is a higher chance of him or her saying no to being your significant other. Of course, everyone gets to know each other at different speeds. Some may find it appropriate to ask someone out after 1-3 months of talking, while others wait six months to a year. If it is too early to ask your love interest to be yours, make Valentine’s Day fun in other ways: spend it with friends, have a chocolate feast or ask the person you admire to spend the day together.

Follow the person’s affection style. Some people hint at their interest while others are more open. If you say “Hey baby, wanna go on a date?” to a subtle flirter, he or she is likely to say no. And if you hint you want to spend some romantic V-day time with an affectionate person, this person probably won’t understand you. On the other hand, it won’t ruin your chances with a subtle person to ask him or her to hang out on Valentine’s Day. Just be careful not to refer to it as a date.

Try not to refer to it as a formal occasion. Doing so could make things serious too soon, scaring off your crush. When you do decide to celebrate, gifts are optional. If you’ve known the person for at least a month, it may be appropriate to present him or her a box of chocolates. But if this is someone you picked up at a club last weekend, your splurging for the night out will do. If you feel guilt-ridden by not showing up with a gift, a single rose or a trio of chocolates will suffice. Note that many chocolates, such as Ferrero Rocher and Lindt, come in packages of three.

Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” It’s true. Sulking in your room won’t get you a date with a model or an entrepreneur or the world’s cuddliest sidekick. Think of it this way: revealing your heart’s thoughts increases your chances of being less lonely, at least for Valentine ’s Day. And if you do get turned down, you can use Valentine ’s Day as a reason to indulge in chocolates and watch side-splitting romantic comedies. Good luck to all!

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