The Dating Dilemma

It’s a sweat-inducing moment. You reach for the check but don’t know how much to pay. If you pay half, you risk looking like a cheapskate. If you pay the full bill, though, you may not be able to afford your next haircut.

There are ways to be a desirable dater without breaking your pockets. If the money issue is one you have often pondered, consider the following on your next date:

Paying for your portion of the check will not make you look like a jerk. In most cases, you will get subsequent dates if you pay half the bill. If your crush is turned off by this, though, she is most likely not your type. Only gold diggers don’t understand fairness.

If you can afford it and want to make a good impression, pay the full bill. This doesn’t mean you have to pay every time you two go out. It would be unfair if this was the only of many dinners you paid for, though. Partners or potential partners should be fair with one another.

If you are strapped for bucks, say so. This allows the two of you to come up with a more affordable date idea or she may suggest paying for you. It would be best to announce your financial situation before the date, of course. That way, she’s not surprised at the end of the date, with no money or plastic in her pockets. Alternatively, you could agree to pay for one date while she pays for the next.

Writer and philosopher Ayn Rand said, “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue.” It’s true. Many people judge you when there’s money involved, especially on dates. It possible to keep your squeaky clean reputation without going broke, though. All it comes down to is common courtesy.

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