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Oh God Here I Go: Duos in Sweet Breeze

The mark of my twenty something birthday was splurged at a fancy patio gathering at Remy’s in Yorkville. This year it’s cottage weekend in Catchacoma Ontario. Along with other couples we’ve embarked on a trip that not only celebrates my getting older, but the nearing conclusion of summer O’seven.

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Oh God Here I Go: Undamning The Village of The Damned

Wellesley Station automatically triggers my paranoia of people’s pre-conceived notion of who I am just because I am there, with an automatic flashing rainbow lit label exposing the letters: GAY. While I walk along the sidewalk feeling invisible rocks being thrown at my back, while the horde of men displaying themselves in front of Timothy’s or on the sidewalk steps whose wandering eyes makes me feel like I’m being picked apart slowly, until there’s nothing left to judge.

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Oh God Here I Go: Optimist Ideal Romance Overdose

Prozac Nation author Elizabeth Wurtzel tells us how consumed she was by the love she had for her boyfriend. The level of her obssesiveness brought her to imagine what it would be like to drink her lover’s blood, so that he would become a part of her forever.

My fresh conversion to optimism I wonder; is this what love does to you?

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Oh God Here I Go: Cheap Date

Close to being completely broke, fresh out of University and jobless are some of the things I share in common with the one I’m dating these days. We’ve traded in our lavish dinner-night-outs from last winter and spring, when we would haphazardly swipe our debit cards and whip out cash like a cowboy ready for a challenge.

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