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Happily Ever After: Fact or Fiction?

On a typical night out with the friends, discussions of relationships usually tend to spark hot debates and feed our gossip cravings. The individuals in relationships usually butter-up their partners with flattery and admiration, while the singles drift off into fantasy worlds, wondering where their princes/princesses are hiding, in what bar s/he may be loitering. Romantic relationships hold little importance in my life, but I suppose the scale weighs differently for others. Which brings me to a seemingly endless series of questions: Why must our lives always revolve around entangling ourselves with the complexities of the dating game, with marriage still that game’s elusive prize? Am I seriously running out of time to find a spouse, or are others rushing into marriage? How about if I do not manage to find someone because my life is too occupied by other concerns- are my priorities misplaced? How about if I fall out of love before my hubby-to-be and I decide to tie the knot? Do I then have to start back at square one, lurking until my next partnership prey comes along? Does true love even exist in the first place, and if so, is marriage its ultimate expression? Continue reading

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Getting lost in Yoga Meets Dance™

“The older I get, the more I want to do things that make me happy,” Kathryn Peterson, Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Meets Dance™ Instructor, told me over breakfast at the By the Way Café on Bloor. Kathryn was brimming with excitement about her new Yoga Meets Dance™ series. Engaging this desire that Kathryn expressed, the desire to “do things that make you happy”, is one of the best ways to indulge your healthy pleasures. It encourages a state of mind that makes you open to possibilities, and dance is one of many ways through which to explore this openness.

Kathryn looks at dance and movement not only as an expression of joy, but also as a healing tool and extension of her practice. Like many people her age, including myself, Kathryn fondly recalls a time in her life when she used to go to clubs and dance all night. Designed by Beth Rigby (www.yogameetsdance.com), Yoga Meets Dance™ is a fantastic, healthy way to reconnect with that kind of energizing experience. Kathryn completed her program training in Sedona, Arizona, where she learned to facilitate this combined yoga, movement, and meditation course that can be readily modified for anyone.

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Patris Restaurant on the Danforth

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Dirty Dancing- A New Generation

By Amber Whitman

Who doesn’t remember the original romantic movie “Dirty Dancing” of 1987, featuring the sexy and acclaimed actor Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle, and the loveable Jennifer Grey as Frances “Baby” Houseman? Well, now you can see this movie-turned-musical, written and co-produced by Eleanor Bergstein, live onstage at The Royal Alexandria Theatre.

“Dirty Dancing” is a classic coming of age love story that begins when the adolescent Baby, a doctor’s daughter with lofty dreams, is forced to go on summer holiday with her parents. Bored one day, she wanders into a world of dance and new people, where she meets Johnny, a ruffian. Through as series of circumstances, they find themselves making an unlikely pairing as dance partners. However, against all odds they fall in love and face life’s challenges together. With popular favourites like “Hungry Eyes,” “I’ve had The Time of My Life,” and “Do you Love Me?” this summer-romance show is a surefire winner (emphasis on the fire)!

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Guilt-free morning-after

Okay, in all honesty, some morning-afters aren’t guilt-free. However, for the most part, a quick snuggle, joint shower, and then breakfast together is a great way to spend the first part of a Saturday morning.

So what’s this ‘guilt-free’ business?

After all those ‘Happy New Years’, ‘Merry Christmases’, and ‘Happy Hanukahs’, the only post-Auld Lang Syne thoughts you’ll be thinking will be about those extra ten pounds you packed on during the break.

Well, not really – but what is realistic is that an awful lot of people make the ol’ ‘be healthier’, ‘lose weight’, ‘work out more’ types of resolutions. And the easiest way to break these decrees of determination? Peer pressure. Especially a ‘peer’ who eats with you and encompasses your free time.

Last night, Bobby seemed like a great choice, and this morning, you smile as you wake up to the smell of breakfast cooking. As you make your way downstairs, he turns with a grin in front of the stove, frying up bacon and eggs, spreading thick slabs of butter on thickly sliced white bread, heaping sugar and cream into a cup of coffee, and heating up danishes in the oven. “I thought we’d munch on this and watch a couple of movies,” he says congenially.

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You won’t be a zsammgsuffa* with this menu!

Two weeks of beer, mass amounts of heart food, and celebration.

Welcome to Oktoberfest.

This two-week-plus festival is held each year in Germany, with over six million people attending. Similar events happen with Germans celebrating just the same. After living for four years in Kitchener-Waterloo, I definitely got a taste of their traditions! (And beer. And food.)

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Nuit Blanche

By Jonathan Rotsztain

Nuit Blanche Toronto is a free, all-night contemporary art thing. Nuit Blanche is Toronto transformed from 7:03pm, Saturday September 29 to 7:00am Sunday September 30. Nuit Blanche is what you expect from fine art: painting, sculpture, photography and so much more – live and interactive dance, video, lights and sounds. Continue reading

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The guys, the girls… The grill.

So, you and “Deb” have been dating for a bit now, but she hasn’t really met your buddies. You suggest a backyard BBQ – she can invite a couple girlfriends, you can invite a couple of the guys – and perhaps potential love connections will ensue.

Or not, but you still have to eat delicious food.

Impress everyone with your culinary expertise by serving up something different than your basic dogs and ‘burgs. Ask them to bring side dishes, desserts, and snacks, and fire up the grill with these four deviations from the norm:
Pad Thai Chicken Burgers
1/3 lb. ground chicken
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Oh God Here I Go: Duos in Sweet Breeze

The mark of my twenty something birthday was splurged at a fancy patio gathering at Remy’s in Yorkville. This year it’s cottage weekend in Catchacoma Ontario. Along with other couples we’ve embarked on a trip that not only celebrates my getting older, but the nearing conclusion of summer O’seven.

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I tasted the Danforth

20070812- MG 3589

20070812- MG 3607

20070811- MG 3216

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